PicoFLS Forward Looking Sonar (FLS)


PicoFLS is a small, low-cost forward-looking imaging sonar, developed by Picotech Ltd. It is ideal for many imaging applications, for use from boats, ROVs, autonomous vehicles or by divers.

PicoFLS can be used stand-alone, hand-held, on remotely-operated and autonomous vehicles, or on pan-and-tilt heads, to view items on the seabed and in the water.

PicoFLS is provided with imaging and control software for use on Android tablets and Windows PC computer.

   Wreck                                                                                                  Diver and his shadow






  • Field of view: 42° azimuth x 16° elevation
  • Beam width: 1° x 16° (@ -3dB) or 20° (@ -6dB)
  • Center Frequency: 500 kHz
  • Bandwidth: 50 kHz
  • Range Resolution: 18 mm
  • Number of beams: 64 spaced @ 0.7°
  • Maximum range: 120m
  • Maximum PRF: 15 Hz
  • Fully focussed over swath/sector, roll & yaw compensation
  • Power 12 W, 12-36 VDC








PicoFLS electonic cylinder and transducers



Video examples


PicoFLS_Diver                                                                                                          PicoFLS_Wreck

PicoFLS_Diver                                                                                                        PicoFLS_Fishes