Technical description - Bathyswath OEM



Bathyswath-OEM offers the core components of the Bathyswath swath bathymetry sonar. The purchaser is responsible for integrating these components into the target application.


Applications for Bathyswath-OEM include:

  • Operation on small remotely-operated vehicle (micro-ROV) platforms.
  • Operation on autonomous underwater (AUV) and surface (ASV) platforms.
  • Integration into custom-built survey launches.
  • Any other special application, where the full package of equipment provided by the standard Bathyswath product or its derived platform-specific application products is not required.


Bathyswath is a wide-swath bathymetry and sidescan imaging system. Bathyswath-OEM provides the following components:

  • 1, 2 or 3 Transducer Electronics Modules (TEMs). These contain the main system electronics, and connect the sonar transducers to a PC computer.
  • 1, 2 or 3 Sonar transducers: typically mounted with one facing port, and one facing starboard.
  • The Bathyswath software suite, provided on CD for installation on the Customer’s PC computer. The Bathyswath software supports real-time data acquisition, post-processing, and interfaces to most third-party software suites.

Click here for the system parameters, including sizes and weights page.

Technical support and training to assist the purchaser to integrate and operate the system are offered at additional cost


The standard transducer is fitted with 16 way male Subconn MCIL16M connector, on a 1000 mm tail. This connector could be terminated onto the face of a pressure bottle. The AUV transducer is supplied with bare-ended cable, for the client to terminate (5 twisted pairs). The cable exits the rear of the transducer directly into the vehicle’s hull. Fixing is by one fixing hole at rear, two at the front, M6 holes, counter-bored to take M6 washer. The body is yellow closed-cell foam, and the active face is polyurethane.


The TEMs connect to the software using USB ports.

A boxed TEM has the same form-factor and power requirement as a 5 ¼” PC disk drive. The TEM board can also be supplied without the box. For TEM dimensions click here for the system parameters, including sizes and weights page.

< Bathyswath Transducer Electronics Module (TEM), in its box


A suggested configuration when connection is available to the surface (e.g. in an ROV) is to use a USB to Ethernet hub in the pressure bottle, and to connect the Ethernet to the ROV’s umbilical. By running the software driver for the USB to Ethernet hub on a PC at the surface, the USB ports are made available to the Bathyswath software running on the PC. The sonar can then be controlled through the software on that PC, and the sonar data viewed on the same platform.

For use on an autonomous vehicle, two USB ports are needed on the vehicle’s single-board computer (or a small USB hub may be fitted).

The TEMs require 5V and 12V DC power. Each TEM takes about 6W in total.

To mount the TEMs in a cylindrical pressure housing, they can be placed one on top of the other. In this configuration, they just fit into a 167 mm internal diameter cylinder. If the two TEMs are placed end-to-end, they just fit into a 152 mm cylinder. In either configuration, there is space on top of and below the TEMs to take auxiliary components such as power supply modules and USB hubs.