Technical Description - Manuals, Training & Support



Each Bathyswath system is supplied with a full set of manuals, describing the use of the system for surveying applications, how to install and maintain it, and how to operate the software. The software includes an on-line, context-sensitive help tool.


Bathyswath team offers a training course. This generally takes place at the client’s location. It takes about a week, and is a mixture of classroom training, surveying on the client’s boat, and then processing back in the office. The idea is to get the customer's operators working with their own equipment in their own environment. An emphasis is placed on hands-on use of the system and software, including:

  • Description of the system.
  • Deployment.
  • Real-time and post-processing software.
  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting.


The warranty package that is included in the initial sale price includes replacement of faulty equipment and software upgrades. Major and minor software upgrades are distributed approximately every six months, although specific user issues may be addressed in interim releases. Extended maintenance arrangements are available and renewable on a yearly basis.


Bathyswath systems are provided with certificates of quality and calibration.


Bathyswath requires very little maintenance and calibration. The transducers are extremely robust, and maintenance generally consists of a regular inspection for damage and fouling by marine life (cleaning if necessary). The TEM units include an in-built calibration function, which measures and compensates for any phase drift of the analogue circuits. This calibration is simply initiated and logged in the software with the click of a single on-screen button.


System spares can be supplied with Bathyswath. The system electronics is contained on two or three circuit boards (the TEM). Therefore, spares holding for most systems can consist of a single TEM unit. The transducers are passive components, and so have very long mean time before failure.